portfolio - (personal and class/assigned projects)  
Are these my best? No! These were from my school days- I learned a great deal (and still do) from every project. I kept these images here as part of my portfolio to demonstrate that I am  ALWAYS learning, and continue to grow and develop as an artist. 
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Assigned project, actually painted and animated in PhotoShop over video. 

Photo Editing- Charity the Unicorn
Photo Editing- Charity the Unicorn

Charity is a local celebrity! She goes to the beaches and parks to make the kiddies happy. So awesome. I had fun editing this photo taken by Joe Klinger.

Oct. 2012 College Project- "redesign existing CD" PhotoShop CS5 Digital Painting by hand over 8 blended images

Oct. 2012 College Project- "create CD art" PhotoShop CS5, Illustrator CS5 For this project, I used a dragonfly I had previously created in Illustrator. I made up this band for the project. It was fun to design this- I enjoy this type of work.

Desolation- digital painting
Desolation- digital painting

Combined about 8 photos and digitally painted. Personal project. 2013

Sept. 2012 College Project- "CD Design" PhotoShop CS5 I created the artwork for this project using the cartoon characters I draw for my family. I love designing for children's media!

The Velveteen Rabbit re-design
The Velveteen Rabbit re-design

Project was to create a cover for this favorite children's book. I wanted to keep the famous recognizable rabbit while updating and simplifying the look. Course project.

Sept. 2012 College Project- 'Package Design' PhotoShop CS5 This project was to design an "Artist Series" box for Crayola. Blended images and digital paint by hand.

Tallahassee Sassafrassee
Tallahassee Sassafrassee

Project called for creating a brand and promotional products. CS5

Sept. 2012 College Project "Book Jacket Design" PhotoShop CS5 Using blended images as well as digital paint, I created this book for the project. (I would like to write this book one day!) The reviewer, Henry Bibbins, is my dog! I learned a ton from this project about layout for book design.

Sept. 2010 College Project- "Band Poster" PhotoShop CS4 This was a fun 'dada' style project- one of my first on PS. Very cheesy fun! (The 'good' cheesy...!)

Sept. 2012 College Project "Design Book Jacket" PhotoShop CS5 Blended Images and digital paint I created this book for the project- I made up the title, theme and storyline as a platform for the design.

Movie Poster, CS5 Course Project
Movie Poster, CS5 Course Project

Typography was the focus of this project. Limits were to use black with only one other color.

Oct. 2012 College Project- "Text Art" PhotoShop CS5 Blended image and text Used a grid of words in various fonts to create this image.

Art Show Poster
Art Show Poster

Course project Typography... very fun to do.

Sept. 2010 College Project "Art Nouveau Style Bookmark" PhotoShop CS5 This one was done all by hand, digital paint.

Personal Project
Personal Project

Just for fun... playing with clouds, 'painting' with water, and working on transparancy here, I created this from about 22 photos and digital paint.

Oct. 2012 Personal Project- "King Neptune's Shellovision" PhotoShop CS5 Blended images and lots of paint! This was for pure cheesy PhotoShop fun, even King Neptune watches sports! If you look closely you'll see most is painted over images.

Oct. 2012 Personal Project "Toy Fairy Ava" PhotoShop CS5 Blended images and paint This originally was for a book jacket design, this is my daughter Ava. She loved seeing herself as a magic fairy!

Oct. 2012 College Project "Art for Class Page" PhotoShop CS5 Blended images and digital paint

Oct. 2012 College Project "Create Movie Poster for Existing Feature Film". (only allowed to use logo) PhotoShop CS5 Blended images, digital paint by hand This was a tough project because how can you improve "Pirates of the Caribbean"? I decided to combine the themes of a few movies from the series.

Sept. 2012 College Project "Art for Class Book" PhotoShop CS5 Blended images and digital paint

Aug. 2010 College Project "Create mechanical device" Illustrator CS5 Based this idea from a jewelry pin my friend has! The '5683' theme is a hidden detail I like- spells 'love' on a keypad. Later I used this as the cover art for a CD cover.

April 2010 College Project "Digital Painting of Music" PhotoShop CS4 Digital Paint We had to illustrate the song, "Oscillate Wildly". I thought of horses running!

July 2010 College Project "Create realistic cave painting" PhotoShop CS4 Rendered background, digital paint

Sept. 2011 College Project "Re-brand Tuna!" PhotoShop CS4 Blended images and paint Had to rebrand tuna with logo given and create poster advertisement.

June 2010 College Project "Re-Brand Evenflo" PhotoShop CS4 Create print ad for new Evenflo look, research and marketing. Layout, typography. One of my very first projects!

Sept. 2012 College Project "CD Re-design for existing artist" PhotoShop CS5 Blended images and digital paint 'ice and water' theme, surfing theme.

Oct. 2012 College Project "Class Art Book" PhotoShop CS5 Photo and digital paint My husband's hand- he was a good sport to model this for me!